We train artisans, build professional in various workings, connect experts to business opportunities and others

The employees of J-Effect Group are our biggest assets, and we believe that each individual is full of potential. J-Effect is committed to plan and continuous human resource development using various approaches, so that its employees can enhance their abilities and specialties through work to grow as individuals, and learn to take on the challenges of transformation, and adapt to the intense changes and competition in society.

Guidelines for Human Resource Development

To develop high-level human resource, the Human Resources Development Unit of the J-Effect Group collaborates with each business group and Human Resources Unit, and the Group has implemented systematic education programs emphasizing the following four themes.

  • Developing global business leaders. Long-term development of employees to succeed as global business leaders.
  • Promoting professionalism. Develop professional and within the industry and global standard framework.
  • Baseline reinforcement. Acquire knowledge / skills required for each position and role; foster understanding and sharing of corporate principles.
  • Creating a culture where various individuals can succeed. Support individual employees through the promotion of diversity and career support.